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Ridesharing, app-based vehicle rentals, private fleets, and micromobility vehicles like e-scooters, e-bicycles, e-skateboards and hoverboards have become an efficient way of navigating urban life while reducing carbon footprint. But the insurance industry is new to understanding and underwriting these risks. Christensen Group’s sharing economy team uses risk predicting technology coupled with extensive industry experience to effectively help you manage your risk. As advisors to some the earliest innovators in this sector, we understand the challenges you face and will ensure your program fits your needs.

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Our experience in numbers.



We insure over 500,000 cars, bikes, scooters, vans, golf vehicles, motorcycles and other transportation products.


Our sharing economy team works in all 50 states and on most continents with our international partners.


Our sharing economy team has a cumulative 25 years in the products liability space, with a cumulative 15 years in the sharing economy and micromobility space.

Things we think about so you don't have to.

As experience consultants in the Sharing Economy sector, we understand the unique exposures that you face.

How to stay Protected
When your micromobility operation receives a summons and complaint from a plaintiff contending they suffered injury as a result of falling off a defective scooter.
When, at the direction of a municipality or customer, your ridesharing platform is required to buy a significant excess tower in an insurance marketplace that lacks capacity.
Cyber Liability
When your app-based EV rental car operation gets hacked, and your customer base is exposed.
When your ride-share driver is involved in an accident while transporting passengers from the airport to their home.
Workers comepnsation
When your bikeshare program worker is out on the job rebalancing your fleet and strains her back.
Directors & officers
When your start-up MaaS company finalizes it’s C round of fundraising and the C-Suite makes a decision that negatively impacts the valuation of the company.

Your Sharing Economy Team
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Listen to Brandon Schuh's Axe of Pod

Axe of Pod explores trends in litigation, insurance and newsworthy lawsuits and verdicts.

Axe of Pod

Funky and Phat

This week on the pod we talked to Derrick Mains, the President of Phat Scooters in Arizona. Phat is bridging the gap between the micromobility space the luxury personal transportation. With a sustainability awareness, Phat is attracting all kinds of people from movie stars to professional athletes to wealthy business icons. The company has such a great entrepreneurial story and interesting day-to-day encounters, that they are launching a docuseries on Crackle called “Riding Phat”. We’re extremely excited to introduce our listeners to Derrick and Phat.

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Axe of Pod

Jump On It

In this week's episode, Brandon interviews Bryan Ovalle and Arun Gunasekaran from Jump Watts. Specifically focusing on what their technology can accomplish from a safety perspective. They have looked at some really interesting ways at rebalancing/repositioning and even standing upright e-scooters fleets. The rebalancing process, from an insurance perspective, is certainly one of the most challenging aspects of the micro-mobility space. We look forward to seeing how Jump Watts can make their mark!

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Axe of Pod

Life in the Fast (and Safe) Lane

This week’s episode of Axe of Pod is a panel discussion with three of the Micromobility’s hottest companies. Peter Treadway Co-Founder and CTO at Acton, Vince Cinfani CEO of Joyride and Peter Deppe CEO of Kuhmute stop by the pod to talk about ways technology, innovation and experience can improve safety on our streets. It was a great discussion with some terrific industry minds that want to see this industry continue to BOOM!

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Coverage Types

We leverage our extensive carrier relationships to ensure you're protected from the exposures you face in your industry.

  • Abuse or Molestation
  • Automobile
  • Bonding/Surety
  • Builders Risk
  • Captives
  • Crime
  • Cyber Liability
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Foreign Coverage
  • General Liability
  • Inland Marine
  • Kidnap & Ransom
  • Large Deductible Programs
  • Patent Insurance/Intellectual Property
  • Product Liability and Recall
  • Professional Liability/E&O
  • Property
  • Risk Purchasing Groups
  • Self-Insured Programs
  • Travel
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability
  • Volunteer Accident
  • Workers Compensation

How to get started.

We know that working with a new insurance agent can be overwhelming, so that's why we put so much emphasis on making sure you're getting value from the very first phone call.

01  Discovery

We’re sure you have a bunch of questions and hopefully we’re a good fit, but sometimes things don’t align - and that’s okay. A quick call is usually all we need to help both of us gain clarity around the prospects of working together.

02  deep dive

Every business is unique — including yours — and there’s no “easy button” for giving proper guidance. We’ll take a deep dive into your business, your financials, and your exposures — at no cost to you — to provide the expert advice your business deserves.

03  custom Plan

Similar to prepping your house before selling, we create a custom plan to prep your business for securing the best insurance rates. We’ll work together to identify short, medium and long term action items that will help lock in the best rates now, and for years to come.

04  Price & Bind

Plan your work, work your plan. Our thorough understanding of your business, combined with your custom plan, enable us to find the best policy and carrier fit for your business — at the best rates. We go to market - and go to bat - for you.

Frequently Asked Sharing Economy Questions

Where can I find up to date scooter laws?

Electric scooter laws vary by state and can be confusing. Here is a comprehensive guide to electric scooter laws.

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