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Retirement plans

Corporate Retirement solutions

A comfortable retirement. They've earned it.

What are corporate retirement solutions?

Retirement plans don't have to be complicated. Whether you're looking for more robust 401(k) options or you want to explore executive benefit alternatives, Christensen Group will help create successful retirement plan outcomes for plan sponsors and participants alike.

As an independent agent, we work with hundreds of carriers to help find the best policy for your specific needs. That means the approach you'll get is customized, continuous, and disciplined, with regular benchmarking every step of the way.

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Our expertise and strategy.

Christensen Group offers the following corporate retirement solutions:

401(k) plans

403(b) plans


Non-qualified plans

Deferred compensation

Fringe benefits

Defined benefits

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Why do you need a retirement plan advisor? Because your employees deserve to retire confidently.

ERISA rules are clear—every decision you make as a fiduciary must be in the best interest of your plan participants and their beneficiaries, and certain relationships may result in prohibited transactions. That's why most prudent plan sponsors hire a plan advisor to help them adhere to ERISA’s rigorous standards.

Christensen Group can serve as your ERISA 3(21) investment fiduciary, assisting you with plan-related decisions regarding investments, service providers, plan administration, and ERISA compliance. Not only will our retirement plan experts decrease your overall liability, but we'll also help you offer a best-in-class retirement plan experience for your employees.

Who should get a retirement plan advisor?

Companies looking to recruit top talent

Offering a competitive salary is great, but if you want to attract the top talent in your industry, you need a retirement package that impresses.

Companies that want to improve employee retention

Employee turnover is one of the most costly expenses a business can face. Keep your best employees right where they are with a retirement plan they can't wait to cash in.

Companies that want to enhance their benefits package

Does your company's benefits package leave a lot to be desired? With the right advisor on your side, you can offer your employees much more—for less.

Companies looking to reward key groups of employees

Do you have a stellar sales team? Or perhaps your finance department just saved you millions. Reward them accordingly with a gift that keeps on accruing.

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How we approach corporate retirement solutions.


We are your independent advocate on all plan-related issues, helping you evaluate service providers and investments objectively to build a best-in-class retirement plan.


We incorporate a proprietary scoring system that allows us to evaluate, select, and monitor skillful investment managers. We perform institutional-level due diligence and distill that information in a simple, easy-to-understand way.


Designing a plan that's tailored to your organization's goals and objectives takes expertise. Our plan design experts will help your plan maintain its qualified status while keeping you updated on litigation, legislation, and regulations that may impact your plan.


We provide ongoing education for your employees to ensure they have the resources they need to plan for a successful retirement. This includes group workshops, one-on-one meetings, virtual content, email/phone support, and more.


Whether you choose to hire us as a 3(21) co-fiduciary or a 3(38) investment manager, we always hold ourselves to the highest standard of care in the retirement planning industry.

Investment advisory services provided through Christensen Group Financial, LLC, a registered investment adviser with the SEC and a wholly owned subsidiary of Christensen Group Inc.

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