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Life Insurance

Business Succession

Protect your business. For generations.

What is business succession insurance?

Succession planning is by far one of the most overlooked aspects of owning a small or family-run business. No matter what plans you have in place for the future of your company, one day you will have to hand over the keys to someone new. With a proper succession plan in place, you will ensure that—no matter what happens—you will be a part of that transition process.

We know what you might be thinking: What does that have to do with life insurance? While many people believe it only serves one purpose—to provide financial security to your beneficiaries should you pass away—there's actually more to it than that. If you are the owner or co-owner of a business, your life insurance policy can help provide the funds you need for a quick and smooth transition of ownership.

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Our expertise and strategy.

At Christensen Group, we leverage our business and life insurance expertise to provide you with the right strategies and products to successfully manage the future of your company. These include:

Buy-sell and business transfer strategies

A "buy-sell agreement" is one of the most common business succession strategies, in which one party agrees to purchase a deceased owner's business from other beneficiary shareholders.

Key person protection

If a business owner, key executive, or another high-value employee suddenly passes away, it can effectively cripple an organization. With a life and disability policy in place, you can help protect your business from that risk.

Retirement solutions

Employee turnover is one of the most costly expenses a business can face. Decrease your liability and keep your best employees right where they are with a retirement plan they can't wait to cash in.

Legacy Planning

Legacy planning is the act of determining how a business owner's physical, intellectual, and social capital will be dispersed and managed should they depart from the business under any circumstance.

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Why do you need business succession insurance? Because your company deserves better than a messy transition.

Your business is your kingdom, and we've all seen enough medieval dramas to know what happens when a legitimate heir isn't chosen. It's human nature to want to push this decision off, perhaps until you're closer to retirement or a planned buyout—but sometimes life has other plans. Whether your chosen successor is a family member, a trusted employee, or an outside purchaser, having a detailed plan in place will help avoid a devastating fallout should something more unexpected occur.

Who should get business succession insurance?

Companies looking to transfer ownership of a business

If a buy-sell agreement is required for the transition of your business, your life insurance policy can help provide the necessary funds to pay the other partners or family members for their shares in the company.

Companies that want to protect key persons

In a smaller organization, even a single person can have a huge impact. With a business succession policy in place, you'll ensure your company has the financial security it needs to stay afloat until a proper successor can take the wheel.

Companies that want to improve their employee retention

Life insurance provides a solid financial foundation and serves as a versatile tool for businesses of all sizes. Organizations can use life insurance as a valuable benefit to attract top talent and build loyalty by helping employees protect their loved ones.

Companies that need help with legacy planning

Life insurance can play a vital role in legacy planning. That's why it's important to have an experienced agent on your side to help you coordinate details, analyze solutions, and continue to evaluate your business needs as they change throughout your lifetime.

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How we approach business succession insurance.


We are your independent advocate on all plan-related issues, helping you evaluate service providers and business investments objectively to build a best-in-class succession plan.


Whether you are simply looking to purchase a policy or want to hire us in a more advisory role, we always hold ourselves to the highest standard of care in the business succession industry.


Our plan design experts will help your plan maintain its qualified status while keeping you updated on litigation, legislation, and regulations that may impact your plan.


We'll collaborate with you throughout the life of your business to create and maintain solutions that meet your needs and achieve your financial goals.

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