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Employee Benefits


Strategically crafted. Simply delivered.

What is employee benefits design?

You've heard it before but we'll say it again—money isn't everything. While a higher salary is nice, today's employees look for more than just financial compensation—they want the all-around security only a great benefits package can provide.

We understand, though, that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to providing benefits for your employees. At Christensen Group, we will help you find the right benefits options for your company, design a plan that works best for your entire team, and then actually help you implement it.

By bridging the gap between what large, national consulting firms offer with the flexibility and affordability of smaller, independent brokers, we are able to find the most creative solutions to the challenges faced in today's complex benefits landscape.

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Our expertise and strategy.

Christensen Group offers the following corporate benefits solutions:

Health insurance

Life insurance

Paid time off

Short & long-term disability

Mental & emotional wellbeing resources

Retirement solutions

Financial planning resources

Healthy lifestyle incentives

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Why do you need strategic benefits management? Because the right benefits will give your business the edge.

It is not lost on us how much work managing benefits can be. For that reason, our goal at Christensen Group is to remove as much of that work as possible from your plate so you can focus on what you do best.

We do this by providing:

  • Trusted consultation: We believe our clients deserve a trusted consultant that can provide stability, longevity, and purposeful advice that transcends the traditional broker/client relationship.
  • Functional design: We believe design is more than just what something looks like—it's also about how it works. That's why we're committed to designing benefits solutions that are easy to use and understand.
  • Competitive strategy: We'll help you design a benefits strategy to keep your business healthy and competitive with our in-depth analysis of your business needs, vendors, and market.

Who needs a benefits advisor?

Companies looking to recruit top talent

Offering a competitive salary is great, but if you want to attract the top talent in your industry, you need a comprehensive benefits package that impresses.

Companies that want to improve employee retention

Employee turnover is one of the most costly expenses a business can face. Keep your best employees right where they are with a benefits package they won't find anywhere else.

Companies that want to enhance their benefits package

Does your company's benefits package leave a lot to be desired? With the right advisor on your side, you can offer your employees much more—for less.

Companies looking to reward key groups of employees

Do you have a stellar sales team? Or perhaps your finance department just saved you millions. Reward them accordingly with a gift that speaks volumes.

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How we approach benefits strategy & design.

Daily communication

At Christensen Group, we're not salespeople—we're project managers. As such, we're more involved than most brokers because we want to help you reach your goals. Your dedicated account team will provide regular communication and support so you can achieve long-term success.

Plan renewal & design

We offer a wide range of services to help your company's benefits plan meet both today's needs and tomorrow's wants. We'll work closely with you to create a custom plan that appeases stakeholders, excites employees, and falls within budget.

Detailed claims analysis

We'll routinely investigate your claims data for patterns that may be costing you money or providing you with untapped opportunities. We'll also analyze those trends against industry data to provide you with detailed insights into what's happening in the larger marketplace.

Comprehensive benchmarking

We offer comprehensive benchmarking tools that allow you to compare your benefit plans and costs against relevant data by industry, area, employer size, and national averages. This ensures your benefits are positioned where you want them in the market, giving you an edge with recruiting and staffing top talent.

Member engagement

We will provide you with hard copies and/or electronic versions of key resources for open enrollment and new hires. These include customized booklets and videos that summarize employee plan choices, rates, value adds, and other carrier-related information.

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