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Business insurance

Sharing Economy Application

Before you begin

Below are are a few tips to help your shared economy application go as smoothly as possible and appropriately set your expectations.

5-15 Minutes

This application should only take 5-15 minutes. You will be able to return later if you do not have everything ready.

Complete All Questions

In order to quote, we will likely need a response for every question. Please complete as many questions as possible.

Company Finances

Your company's financial history will be required to quote. Have this information ready for the application.

5k Minimum Premium

Our best-in-class policies start at $5,000 in annual premium. You will receive a final quote within 10-15 business days.

Additional Documents

IMPORTANT: We also need a complete description of operations, copy of your waiver and maintenance plan to price and bind.

No Obligation

Completing an application does not require you to purchase coverage. You can purchase after receiving the quote.
Carriers typically deliver quotes in 2-3 weeks after getting a complete application and documentation.
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