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INDEPENDENT Business Insurance

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Clearing the way for your vision.

Ours is a business of storytelling and we’re accountable for telling yours in a way that allows us to bring context to your situation as we work alongside carriers to negotiate a solution that delivers exactly what you need to keep your business — and your vision — protected. It’s also our job to clearly lay out each scenario, so you’re equipped to make the right decisions based on what’s at stake. And, like any good storyteller, we don’t quit until we find an ideal resolution for every risk you face. It’s why so many of our clients continue to look to our independent business insurance agents as advisors and confidants as they move their businesses forward.

What makes us different.


Our team is comprised of independent business insurance experts who are invested in weaving together solutions that are right for your risks.


As employee owners we think a little differently, exploring all the perspectives to help shed light on the full impact of the business decisions you make.


We have a seat at the table with our carriers. These relationships allow us to mitigate the story of your risk, so you get a deal tailored to your unique circumstances.


No matter where you are in your business, we deliver a high-touch experience through dedicated consultants who are here to bring clarity as they find creative ways to address your most pressing challenges.

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Specialized Industries

At Christensen Group, we take a unique approach to insurance, and you’ll experience the difference immediately. Not only do we take the time to get to know you and your unique needs, but we also have extensive experience on all sides of the negotiating table – underwriter, adjuster, broker, even buyer. In other words, we know where the rakes are and we’ll make sure you don’t step on them.

How we work.

Risk partners

Many of our clients consider us their risk manager. We deliver on this moniker as technicians and consultants, blending creative problem solving with predictive analytics to point you toward a high- performing solution.

Active transparency

Throughout the year, we have frank discussions about losses, changes in your industry and trends on the insurance side, so you’re prepared and confident at renewal time and long after you sign on the dotted line.

Beyond brokering

To cover every angle of your risk, a dedicated risk management consultant works with internal and external resources to connect the dots and develop a loss prevention strategy that meets your specific needs.

Claims advocacy

Supporting you when it’s time to make a claim is just as much about setting honest expectations as it is about advocating for your coverage. We do both candidly so you can trust that you got the best possible outcome in an unfortunate situation.

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More than an agent - an advisor.

The thirteenth step in a risk management program is buying insurance. That means there are twelve other preliminary steps in the risk management process. We're here to do more than just help you buy insurance. Our team of seasoned risk management professionals will alleviate some of the stress in managing your business.

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The CG E.D.G.E.

Across our entire team, we apply a four-step process that gives you an edge as you set a course for the future. Whether it’s through our business solutions or personal products, the CG E.D.G.E will ensure you get exactly what you need to secure your tomorrow.


Your entire CGI team becomes immersed in your situation, reviews your current solution and uses industry data and ingenuity to uncover gaps and opportunities.


A culture of collaboration gives us the freedom to thoughtfully share your story with an expansive range of carriers to design the best possible options around your vision for the future.


In our business, there’s no such thing as an obvious answer. We openly take you through the benefits and drawbacks of each option we bring to the table to help you choose a solution that will be there for you when you need it.


We don’t believe in “set-it-and-forget-it.” Our finger is always on the pulse of industry shifts, regulatory changes and emerging trends. Ready to proactively bring you clever solutions to issues before they even arise.

Business insurance FAQS

Does home insurance cover working from home?

It depends on the type of policy and coverage you have. Generally, a standard home insurance policy does not cover losses related to business activities, so if you are using your home as an office or workspace it is important to speak with your insurance provider about purchasing additional coverage. Some policies may include limited coverage for damage or theft related to business equipment, so it's best to check with your provider before assuming any additional protection is necessary. Additionally, since many businesses have unique needs that may be better covered under a commercial policy, it's wise to explore these options if you plan to use your home as a workspace for an extended period of time.  No matter what kind of coverage you decide on, make sure that all areas of potential risk are fully understood and adequately addressed. This will help ensure that your business is properly protected against the unexpected.

Can a self-employed person deduct health insurance premiums?

Yes, a self-employed person can deduct health insurance premiums as an adjustment to income on their tax return. This self-employed health insurance deduction is allowed for any premiums paid for medical and dental insurance or qualified long-term care coverage for the taxpayer and their family. The deduction cannot exceed the net amount of self-employment income for that year and must be reported on Form 1040. Speak with your accountant or tax professional to determine if you qualify for this deduction.

Is every possible claim scenario covered by my insurance policy?

You can certainly report your claim directly to the company especially if the damage is significant and is more than your deductible. If you are not sure what your deductible amount is or have questions about the loss, call your agent. We are here to discuss your options and answer your questions before notifying the company.

Do I need to buy business insurance?

If you have employees, you have to buy worker’s compensation coverage. If you’ve entered into a lease agreement, you’ll need to procure liability & property coverage. There are many other coverages that would be recommended depending on your specific business. To find out, contact one of our business insurance professionals.

How are my premiums determined?

Your policy premiums are dependent on three primary variables: insurance carrier capacity, your exposures, and your loss experience. If there’s a shortfall of capital in the insurance marketplace, the cost of all insurance will be high. The more property you have to insure or the more exposures to loss you have, the higher your premiums. The higher your historic losses, the less likely insurers will want to take on your risk, thereby increasing your premiums.

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