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Employee Benefits

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Benefits that give you the advantage.

When the talent marketplace gets competitive, it’s time to think outside the box. Taking into consideration carefully vetted independent industry benchmarks, lessons learned over decades of experience, and emerging trends and regulations, we can help design a creative and cost-efficient employee benefits package that will give you a recruiting edge. Throughout our work together, we’ll continue to bring strategic planning, wellness programs, and innovative project management tools to the equation, so you can stay leaps ahead in the talent game.

What makes us different.


From design to management, we flex our strategy to match your business, customizing every aspect to your needs and the needs of your employees.


Being an employee-owned company, we know a thing or two about retaining top talent. This means your account will consistently be serviced by an expert team that understands what it means to run a business.


As an independent player with carefully curated national carrier relationships, we can negotiate competitive deals tailored to your business.


Our integrated team delivers high-touch service as they learn
about your needs, develop thoughtful strategies, and support your employees in using their benefits.

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Our Specialties

At Christensen Group, we take a unique approach to employee benefits, and you’ll experience the difference immediately. Not only do we take the time to get to know you and your unique needs, but we also have extensive experience on all sides of the negotiating table – underwriting, claims, broker, even buyer. In other words, we know where the rakes are and we’ll make sure you don’t step on them.

How we work.

Enhanced reporting

Layering our employee benefits acumen onto the market’s top reporting tools, we bring unbiased transparency and clarity to the numbers and industry benchmarks, so you can make well-informed decisions.

Employee connection

Engaging, multifaceted campaigns invite your employees to become good consumers of their healthcare. These points of connection allow us to support their overall wellness while controlling your costs.

Innovative negotiations

Our thoughtful, multi-year approach to contracts and benefits design means you spend less time battling unknown costs and more time optimizing your plan.

Administration, simplified

Project management tools paired with our signature service makes plan management simple and collaborative, keeping our team and yours informed and on task.

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Manage risk proactively,
not reactively.

Our Financial Monitoring Report brings together claims experience, paid benefits, expenses, and budgets into one financial report for gross and net costs. Up-to-date forecasting leveraged through actuarial analysis turns “data” Into “information,” giving you the ability to manage proactively, not reactively.

The CG E.D.G.E.

Across our entire team, we apply a four-step process that gives you an edge as you set a course for the future. Whether it’s through our claims analytics, benchmarking or benefits design, the CG E.D.G.E will ensure you have the right benefits in place to secure your tomorrow.


Your entire CGI team becomes immersed in your situation, reviews your current solution and uses industry data and ingenuity to uncover gaps and opportunities.


A culture of collaboration gives us the freedom to thoughtfully share your story with an expansive range of carriers to design the best possible options around your vision for the future.


In our business, there’s no such thing as an obvious answer. We openly take you through the benefits and drawbacks of each option we bring to the table to help you choose a solution that will be there for you when you need it.


We don’t believe in “set-it-and-forget-it.” Our finger is always on the pulse of industry shifts, regulatory changes and emerging trends. Ready to proactively bring you clever solutions to issues before they even arise.

Employee benefits FAQS

Can a self-employed person deduct health insurance premiums?

Yes, a self-employed person can deduct health insurance premiums as an adjustment to income on their tax return. This self-employed health insurance deduction is allowed for any premiums paid for medical and dental insurance or qualified long-term care coverage for the taxpayer and their family. The deduction cannot exceed the net amount of self-employment income for that year and must be reported on Form 1040. Speak with your accountant or tax professional to determine if you qualify for this deduction.

At what level does the premium for company paid life insurance need to be included in the employee’s income?

Employers can purchase up to $50,000 of life insurance for employees without the need to add the premium to the employee’s income. Premium for any amount above $50,000 would need to be included in the employee’s income or that portion of the life insurance benefit would be considered taxable in the event of a claim.

What is an Accountable Care Organization?

An accountable care organization (ACO) is an association of hospitals, healthcare providers and insurers in which all parties voluntarily assume financial and medical responsibility for patients. Total cost of care can run between 10% and 15% lower than a traditional “open access” network.

Does the Affordable Care Act (ACA) require that a larger employer (more than 50 full time employees) offer coverage to spouses and dependent children?

Although most ACA language is centered around offering employees coverage that meets minimum essential benefits and affordability rules, in order to be compliant and employer must offer coverage to dependent children. An employer is not required to offer coverage to spouses under the ACA.

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