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Personal line insurance, before you need it.

For many, insurance is a numbers game. But when it comes to protecting the personal assets you and your family hold dear, you need it to be more than that. When you choose personal line insurance from Christensen Group, we listen to your life story to get to the heart of what matters, uncover areas where you’re vulnerable and help you understand the reality of your risk to design a personal insurance plan that protects all your bases. 

We make sure your plan offers assistance in times of unexpected events and adverse situations to help you manage financial risks such as accidents, illnesses, property damage or even death. Our goal is make sure your policy fits your needs and protects you from getting nickeled and dimed in the event of a claim. Engaging in carefully cultivated relationships with a range of reputable carriers who can deliver this plan, we act as your advocate at every step — well before the first day of personal insurance coverage and throughout all of life’s changes.

What makes us different.


Our entire personal line insurance team  is accountable for and dedicated to getting your needs met. Whenever you have a personal insurance question or a nagging concern, we’ll be here to pick up the phone or answer your email.


Collaborating with other departments in our organization, we offer comprehensive personal line insurance products designed to protect everything you care about—from your family to your business.


We’ve curated our carrier relationships, working only with those who share our philosophy of protecting what’s important and will be there to make sure you’re taken care of.


Advisors with decades of experience work alongside newly certified personal lines brokers to bring you the precise solutions you need to protect your assets from potential risks.

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Our Specialties

At Christensen Group, we take a unique approach to personal insurance services, and you’ll experience the difference immediately. Not only do we take the time to get to know you and your unique needs, but we also have extensive experience on all sides of the negotiating table – underwriter, adjuster, broker, even buyer. In other words, we know where the rakes are and we’ll make sure you don’t step on them.

How we work.

Genuine communication

Developing an open, honest rapport is crucial to helping us assess what you have to lose. We ask the right questions, listen for the meaning behind your answers and stay tuned in to milestones that may open you up to new risks.

Personalized experience

With a readily available team of knowledgeable advisors who know your risks and understand what matters to you and your family, we’re here to connect on your terms, so you get the answers you need when you need them.

Clarity of risk

We peel back the layers and go beyond price to bring true transparency to the conversation. Through thoughtful education and real-world examples, we help you understand every aspect of your risk and how it could impact your future.

Augmented claims support

Though our insurance partners have earned sterling reputations for their claims handling, sometimes you need a little extra support. That’s where we come in — offering perspective, answering questions, and guiding you through next steps that may change the future of your coverage.

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What to do when life happens.

For the most efficient claims processing and payment, working directly with the carriers is our recommended process. That said, we'll never leave you out to dry. As your independent agent, we are your advocate during policy negotiations and during the claims process. Whether you have questions about the claims process or a carrier's response, we are always here to answer your questions and make sure you have a positive insurance experience.

personal insurance FAQS

Does home insurance cover working from home?

It depends on the type of policy and coverage you have. Generally, a standard home insurance policy does not cover losses related to business activities, so if you are using your home as an office or workspace it is important to speak with your insurance provider about purchasing additional coverage. Some policies may include limited coverage for damage or theft related to business equipment, so it's best to check with your provider before assuming any additional protection is necessary. Additionally, since many businesses have unique needs that may be better covered under a commercial policy, it's wise to explore these options if you plan to use your home as a workspace for an extended period of time.  No matter what kind of coverage you decide on, make sure that all areas of potential risk are fully understood and adequately addressed. This will help ensure that your business is properly protected against the unexpected.

If I purchase a property outside of Minnesota or move to another state, will CG be able to continue writing my insurance coverage?

In most cases, yes we will. Our agency is licensed in most states and have companies available to write with. Please be sure to contact us if this is your situation to see if we can help.

How are my premiums determined?

Your policy premiums are dependent on three primary variables: insurance carrier capacity, your exposures, and your loss experience. If there’s a shortfall of capital in the insurance marketplace, the cost of all insurance will be high. The more property you have to insure or the more exposures to loss you have, the higher your premiums. The higher your historic losses, the less likely insurers will want to take on your risk, thereby increasing your premiums.

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