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Product liability is one of the most ubiquitous and fundamental exposures for organizations today.  Whether you sell a consumer product like sporting goods equipment or a medical device, the more product you produce the bigger the risk.  Products liability expenses and verdicts have been widely disrupted by social inflation and nuclear jury awards.  Christensen Group’s Product Liability team is highly specialized in complex product risks ranging from protective equipment like football helmets to personal transportation vehicles to Cannabis.  Our clients are nationwide spanning multiple disciplines.  Our market access is second to none; Christensen Group has established underwriting relationships and insurance programs in the product liability space, partnering with experienced law firms, associations and other industry groups to support our clients.

Our experience in numbers.



We've worked with all kinds of consumer products ranging from ladders to ATVs, helmets to hunting stands, grills to batteries, and more.


Our team has an over 207 years of cumulative experience working in the product liability space.


We've helped our medical devices and pharmaceutical clients, ranging from pre-clinical companies to multinational firms, place coverage in over 130 different countries.

Things we think about so you don't have to.

As experienced consultants on Product Liability coverage, we understand the unique exposures that you face.

How to stay Protected
When a big retailer requires your client to cover $20M in Products Liability insurance and you want to ensure there is appropriate indemnity language.
When you want to understand how your policy covers defense costs - inside or outside the limit - because product liability is one of the most expensive to litigate.
When you want to strategically position your policy to include counsel that has expertise with your particular product.
Self-insured retention analysis
When you look at the current marketplace and wonder how you can take on more control and have more autonomy while maintaining high levels of coverage.
When one of your ladders that you manufacture was involved in a high profile accident and a quick response and investigation are needed..
Progressive injury exclusions
When your football helmet company receives a claim for a head injury and your policy has a progressive injury exclusion and you want to understand how that applies to you.

Christensen Group has been an informative, knowledgeable and valuable resource to the overall health of our fast growing company.  Being a leader of e-Bikes for the rugged outdoors, our company needs to not only know we have the very best liability insurance, but also have a skilled team of experts to lean on to navigate the ins and outs of insurance world.

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Quietkat inc.

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How to get started.

We know that working with a new insurance agent can be overwhelming, so that's why we put so much emphasis on making sure you're getting value from the very first phone call.

01  Discovery

We’re sure you have a bunch of questions and hopefully we’re a good fit, but sometimes things don’t align - and that’s okay. A quick call is usually all we need to help both of us gain clarity around the prospects of working together.

02  deep dive

Every business is unique — including yours — and there’s no “easy button” for giving proper guidance. We’ll take a deep dive into your business, your financials, and your exposures — at no cost to you — to provide the expert advice your business deserves.

03  custom Plan

Similar to prepping your house before selling, we create a custom plan to prep your business for securing the best insurance rates. We’ll work together to identify short, medium and long term action items that will help lock in the best rates now, and for years to come.

04  Price & Bind

Plan your work, work your plan. Our thorough understanding of your business, combined with your custom plan, enable us to find the best policy and carrier fit for your business — at the best rates. We go to market - and go to bat - for you.

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