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March 8, 2024

Alison Williams Named Among IBA's 2024 Elite Women in Insurance


In a celebration of International Women’s Day, Insurance Business America (IBA) has revealed its esteemed 2024 Elite Women list, spotlighting 62 distinguished female professionals who have left an indelible mark on the US insurance landscape.

Among this year's esteemed honorees stands Alison Williams, an exceptional leader from Christensen Group Insurance. Williams joins a cohort of trailblazers spanning various roles within the insurance sector, showcasing outstanding leadership and innovation in their respective domains.

The selection process for the 2024 Elite Women awards was exhaustive, reflecting the exceptional standards of achievement and impact set by the nominees. The initiative commenced with an open call for nominations, urging industry peers to spotlight female leaders who have made significant strides and contributions throughout the past year.

An independent panel of judges, comprised of esteemed figures from diverse industry associations and organizations, collaborated with the IBA team to meticulously evaluate the nominations. The assessment process aimed to recognize those who have made noteworthy contributions to the industry, ensuring fairness and impartiality through strict guidelines against self-nomination and voting for relatives.

Alison Williams' inclusion in the 2024 Elite Women list underscores the dynamic and pivotal roles women play in shaping the insurance industry. Her dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence exemplify the spirit of leadership celebrated by the Elite Women accolade.

Williams expressed her gratitude for the recognition, stating, "I am honored to be a part of this incredible list of women and to work alongside so many amazing women (and men) at Christensen Group Insurance that push me every single day to be better and do better. Thank you Amy Jo Van Culin for the nomination! Congrats to all women in insurance who have been recognized!"

The unveiling of the Elite Women list reaffirms the vital contributions of women to the insurance sector, highlighting their instrumental role in driving innovation, fostering growth, and shaping the industry's future.

Read the full list of exceptional list of women here:

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