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November 3, 2022

New login procedures for OSHA’s injury tracking application

OSHA recently announced new login procedures for its injury tracking application (ITA). The OSHA ITA has transitioned its login procedure to the public’s one-account access to government applications, The new login procedures are already in effect.

Important Dates

October 2022

OSHA transitioned its login procedures to the public’s one-account access to government applications.

March 2, 2023

The deadline for submitting the 2023 ITA electronic report.

New Login Overview

OSHA provides a secure website for employers that are required to submit injury and illness data submissions. Affected employers can manually enter their data, upload a comma-separated values (CSV) file to add multiple establishments at one time, or transmit data electronically via an application programming interface. is a secure, single sign-in service used by the federal government to provide the public with access to all participating government agency applications.

With this announcement, OSHA has indicated that the ITA will require employers to create an ITA account and a account to report their injury and illness data securely.

Current and new account holders will need to connect their ITA account to a account in order to access the application for their 2023 reports.

Employers will need to use their 2022 OSHA Form 300A to complete their 2023 reports. Employers can connect their ITA accounts with their accounts by using the email address associated with their accounts.

Employer Next Steps

Employers that are required to report injury and illness data electronically should review this announcement, become familiar with the new requirement, and connect their ITA account to a account with the same email address before the 2023 report submission deadline.

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