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August 10, 2023

Auto theft prevention

Last year, a motor vehicle was stolen every 32 seconds in the United States. Help safeguard your car with the following practical tips:

  • Keep your keys with you. Leaving keys inside the vehicle makes theft easier for opportunistic criminals.
  • Lock up. Before leaving your parked vehicle, close and lock all windows and doors. Double-check the sunroof as well.
  • Use a vehicle security system. If your car doesn’t have an integrated GPS tracking system, consider installing one.
  • Opt for well-lit parking areas. Adequate lighting can deter potential thieves, as proper lighting increases the chances of being recorded by nearby cameras or caught breaking into a vehicle. Conceal valuables.
  • Thieves can be enticed by cash, electronics, shopping bags, or a wallet or purse in plain sight. Keep valuables hidden or take them with you.

Not every auto insurance policy covers theft and vandalism, so review your policy details with your agent to ensure you have appropriate coverage. Need help? Connect with a personal insurance advisor about your new or existing auto policy today.

Prevent Hot Car Deaths

Nearly 40 children lose their lives to heatstroke each year as a result of being left or trapped inside a car.

  • About 46% of the time, the caregiver intended to drop off the child at a daycare or preschool but inadvertently forgot them in the car.
  • Thursdays and Fridays, signaling the end of the workweek, have witnessed the highest number of heatstroke-related deaths.
  • In 53% of hot car deaths, someone forgot a child inside a vehicle. More than half (54%) of hot car deaths involve children under the age of 2.

These statistics emphasize the urgent need to raise awareness about the dangers of vehicle-related heatstroke and the precautions that must be taken to prevent such tragedies.

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