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July 25, 2023

Lauren Miller named 2023 Agent of the Year by LeClair Group


Lauren Miller, from Christensen Group Insurance, has been honored with the prestigious LeClair Agent of the Year award at this year's Healthapalooza. This accolade, presented annually, serves to spotlight individuals who demonstrate exemplary proficiency in navigating the complexities of health insurance.

Lauren Miller's selection as this year's recipient underscores her dedication and expertise in the field. Reflecting on her achievement, Miller credits the secret to success as continual growth…continual action. Be present. Be collaborative. Be kind. Do what you say you’ll do and follow through on your word. She also described her motivation by saying she loves helping others – both my team and clients alike.

In expressing gratitude for the recognition, Miller reiterated her passion for assisting others, whether it be her colleagues or clients. Her genuine desire to make a positive impact resonates through her work, earning her the admiration and respect of her peers within the industry.

As a beacon of professionalism and compassion, Lauren Miller embodies the essence of the LeClair Agent of the Year award. Her unwavering dedication to serving others sets a commendable standard for fellow professionals, showcasing the profound impact that a steadfast commitment to excellence can have within the realm of health insurance.

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