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March 19, 2024

CG makes a splash in support of Special Olympics Minnesota fundraiser


Last week, employee-owners of Christensen Group Insurance took the plunge in the Polar Plunge, Special Olympics of Minnesota. With 27 team members bravely diving into icy waters, we collectively raised an impressive total of $17,833, showcasing our commitment to fostering inclusion and acceptance.

The Polar Plunge stands as a cornerstone event for Special Olympics Minnesota, providing essential funding for year-round training and services for thousands of athletes with intellectual disabilities across the state. Our contribution highlights the significance of corporate engagement in supporting initiatives that champion inclusivity and empower individuals of all abilities.

Despite not being able to plunge this year due to his participation in the Special Olympics Powerlifting event in Stillwater, our team motivator, Ross Abraham, showcased his strength and determination, securing an impressive 4th place finish in that event.

As we commemorate the successful fundraising efforts of the Polar Plunge and honor athletes like Ross Abraham, we're reminded of the powerful influence of unity and support in sculpting a more inclusive society. By standing shoulder to shoulder, we reaffirm our pledge to cultivate an environment where diversity thrives, and every individual is empowered to showcase their unique abilities. With dedication from corporations, organizations, and individuals across Minnesota, Special Olympics Minnesota is poised to lead the charge in building a world where acceptance transcends barriers and embraces all.

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