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June 13, 2023

Job site indeed launches skills-based hiring tool

Employment website Indeed recently launched a skills-based hiring tool called Skill Connect. According to Indeed, this product helps job seekers find jobs based on their skills and training rather than their credentials.

This article explains Skill Connect and what employers should know about the recent skills-based hiring practice.

What Is Skill Connect?

Skill Connect by Indeed is intended to enable job seekers to better promote their skills and match them with employers who need them. It also provides opportunities for individuals to gain skills and training certifications through programs offered by Indeed partners. Once training programs have been completed, Skill Connect aims to help job seekers improve their resumes by pre-populating suggestions based on recent training and certifications. It can help job seekers without college degrees promote their skills to potential employers who might otherwise overlook them.

“Hiring based on skills rather than academic credentials will have a significant impact on helping job seekers facing bias and barriers find work." – Abbey Carlton, Vice President of Social Impact, Indeed

What Is Skills-based Hiring?

Skills-based hiring refers to assessing potential employees based on their skills and ability to perform rather than their adherence to strict educational requirements and other resume credentials. Skills-based hiring has gained recent popularity as many employers have struggled to find qualified candidates for open positions due to market conditions.

Here’s information employers should know related to why skills-based hiring may be necessary:

  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 10.1 million job openings exist, but there are currently only 5.7 million unemployed workers.
  • Recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that most (62%) U.S. adults don’t have a bachelor’s degree.
  • A study by Indeed found that 64% of job candidates believed they’d been overlooked for jobs they were qualified for because they didn’t have the college degree listed in the job description.
  • Indeed also found that 90% of job applicants believe that job listings require more experience than necessary.

Furthermore, when hiring processes rely too heavily on credentials and other requirements, qualified job applicants are less likely to apply.

Employer Takeaway

More employers have found that skills-based hiring tools like Skill Connect can benefit their workplace by incorporating qualified workers from different backgrounds into the team. While many hiring processes factor in college degrees and other credentials for legitimate business reasons, employers should continue to monitor the skills-based hiring trend and consider how their hiring and recruiting practices help them find the right talent.

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