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Luke Aslesen

Luke Aslesen

Vice President
Employee Benefits

Luke has spent close to 5 years in employee benefits and has a deep passion for engaging and empowering employee populations through employee benefits programs. He says: “Unfortunately, the brokerage space has maintained a two-dimensional approach to benefits. I like to make it three-dimensional and act as an extension of my client’s business to serve their overall growth and success.” Luke takes specific focus in the following areas:

·        Healthcare Innovations

·        Employee engagement strategy

·        Long-term benefits communication tactics

·        Benefit Program Design

Prior to being at Christensen Group, Luke lived in Phoenix, AZ working at an International LED lighting company as a sales leader focusing on the Southwest and Midwestern US territories.

Luke graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Journalism and Public Speaking. He is also fluent in Swahili as he spent all of 2012 living in Tanzania, East Africa building schools. Luke loves reading, so if you’ve got a good book he needs to add to his list be sure to let him know!

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When searching for insurance, you need someone who understands the path you're walking. Someone who knows where the rakes are... and how to avoid them. While Luke has a wide range of knowledge, here are a few areas of specialty.

Not your everyday
insurance company.

Sometimes, a secure tomorrow requires a bit of imagination. Over the better part of a century, we’ve learned where to get to creative and where to play the numbers. Our independence allows us to leverage this specialized knowledge to get ahead of your risks and plan for the future you envision. Once we understand the nuances of your story we can bend the ear of our carriers to design and refine a solution that will deliver for you, your business, and the employees who make your success possible.

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