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Protecting your balance sheet.

No matter the front end of a transaction or upon the sale, there are significant insurance considerations that need to be evaluated in an ownership transition. Whether private equity, venture capital or a privately held company actively acquiring, our team of experts will protect your transactions by uncovering financial variables that have the potential for creating major swings in enterprise value . We'll find you opportunities to lower the cost of risk, identify shortfalls in the current insurance program, and give you the future implications on the total cost of risk.

Your all-in-one risk transfer team.

We have in-house legal to help bridge the gap between the assumption of risk in a purchase agreement to the transfer of risk in an insurance contract. We understand the dynamic of managing expectations and execution for both the private level and the portfolio company management team level. We'll protect your investment.

Our experience in numbers.



Our team has consulted on $3B of aggregate transaction value over the years


We have 250 years of combined M&A due diligence experience


We have worked on acquired business in 42 states, but  we are licensed in all 50.

Things we think about so you don't have to.

As experienced agents in the Private Equity sector, we understand the unique exposures you face.

How to stay Protected
How does the transaction structure impact the existing and post-close insurance programs?
What does the loss modeling on the target entity suggest on the future program cost trends?
Is there any financial impairment to value for key individuals?
Are the target company's benefit plans in compliance with all state and federal requirements?
What assets and/or liabilities of the retirement plans are acquired in the purchase - what are the options for the new entity going forward?
Do the Human Capital Management practices, processes and policies align with the organizational strategies to recruit and retain high-performing employees?
Case Study

Under our magnifying glass.

Client had Target under LOI in a stock purchase. During our due diligence review, we discovered Target was administering COBRA internally without documentation and was not in compliance with ACA. This discovery identified an ACA penalty exposure of over $400,000 and an additional $120,000 annual expense to become ACA compliant.

Case Study

Under our magnifying glass.

Client had Target under LOI in an asset purchase. Identified legacy pollution exposure that was subsequently addressed in the purchase agreement. Analysis and valuation was done on an open claim with an actively reimbursing pollution policy. The uncovered policy/asset was transferred to the buyer to pay for future expenses along with new coverage being placed for protection against other possible pollution events.

Your Mergers & Acquisitions Team
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Mergers & Acquisitions

Coverage Types

As experienced agents in the Private Equity sector, we understand the unique exposures you face.

  • Abuse or Molestation
  • Automobile
  • Builders Risk
  • Captives
  • Crime
  • Data Privacy/Cyber Liability
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Foreign Coverage
  • Inland Marine
  • Kidnap & Ransom
  • Large Deductible Programs
  • Patent Insurance/Intellectual Property
  • Product Liability and Recall
  • Professional Liability/E&O
  • Property
  • Risk Purchasing Groups
  • Self-Insured Programs
  • Travel
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability
  • Volunteer Accident
  • Workers Compensation

How to get started.

We know that working with a new insurance agent can be overwhelming, so that's why we put so much emphasis on making sure you're getting value from the very first phone call.

01  Discovery

We’re sure you have a bunch of questions and hopefully we’re a good fit, but sometimes things don’t align - and that’s okay. A quick call is usually all we need to help both of us gain clarity around the prospects of working together.

02  deep dive

Every business is unique — including yours — and there’s no “easy button” for giving proper guidance. We’ll take a deep dive into your business, your financials, and your exposures — at no cost to you — to provide the expert advice your business deserves.

03  custom Plan

Similar to prepping your house before selling, we create a custom plan to prep your business for securing the best insurance rates. We’ll work together to identify short, medium and long term action items that will help lock in the best rates now, and for years to come.

04  Price & Bind

Plan your work, work your plan. Our thorough understanding of your business, combined with your custom plan, enable us to find the best policy and carrier fit for your business — at the best rates. We go to market - and go to bat - for you.

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