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Your business matters. We know risk, and we'll make sure your business is covered. We take a unique approach to business insurance, and you’ll experience the difference immediately. For more than 60 years, we’ve worked to build long-lasting relationships and help businesses of all sizes effectively manage risk. We take the time to get to know you and your unique needs. We have extensive experience on all sides of the negotiating table – underwriter, adjuster, broker, even buyer.

One size does not fit all.

Tailored pROGRAMS that fit your business.

Whether it's a basic business owner’s policy or a specialty program, we’re here to help. We're not just insurance experts, we're experts in your industry. One size does not fit all, and we take the time to find you the right solution.

So you're looking for Business Insurance?

Here's why we're different.



As an ESOP-owned organization, we're committed to continually investing in people to ensure our clients' needs are met today and long into the future.



Small enough to know you by name, large enough to handle the risk of any organization.



We're not sales-oriented, we're a highly technical service organization. We have the expertise to understand your business and deliver the best solutions.

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“How much will my insurance cost?”

We get it, sometimes insurance feels like a black box — no visibility into the inner workings. While we can't tell you exactly how much it will cost, we often explain insurance costs as a simple equation:



First we look at your loss history and how your business has done over time.


Then we look at your current situation, risk exposures and other industry factors.


The first two factors will determine how many insurance options you have.


The combination of these factors creates the overall price for your insurance.

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Expertise in all corners of industry, in your corner.

As insurance agents for companies in every sector of the economy, we have extensive experience in all corners of industry. Whether you're in construction or social services, we know your needs and how to build a program that addresses those exposures and helps protect your balance sheet.

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Proactively protect your future.

More than an Agent — an advisor.

The thirteenth step in a risk management program is buying insurance. That means there are twelve other preliminary steps in the risk management process. We're here to do more than just help you buy insurance. Our team of seasoned risk management professionals will alleviate some of the stress in managing your business.

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Christensen Group:

The freedom of choice.

As an independent agent we work with hundreds of carriers to help find the best policy for your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Business Insurance Questions

Is every possible claim scenario covered by my insurance policy?

You can certainly report your claim directly to the company especially if the damage is significant and is more than your deductible. If you are not sure what your deductible amount is or have questions about the loss, call your agent. We are here to discuss your options and answer your questions before notifying the company.

Do I need to buy business insurance?

If you have employees, you have to buy worker’s compensation coverage. If you’ve entered into a lease agreement, you’ll need to procure liability & property coverage. There are many other coverages that would be recommended depending on your specific business. To find out, contact one of our business insurance professionals.

How are my premiums determined?

Your policy premiums are dependent on three primary variables: insurance carrier capacity, your exposures, and your loss experience. If there’s a shortfall of capital in the insurance marketplace, the cost of all insurance will be high. The more property you have to insure or the more exposures to loss you have, the higher your premiums. The higher your historic losses, the less likely insurers will want to take on your risk, thereby increasing your premiums.

Christensen Group is here to answer all of your insurance questions.