Christensen Group Insurance Event

Jun 25, 2024

Cybersecurity Resources & Tools from Arctic Wolf Webinar

With cyber threats on the rise and more pervasive than ever, we understand how difficult it can be to stay prepared and protected. That’s why we’re bringing you Cyber JumpStart, a free tool from Arctic Wolf to keep you ahead of the cyber threat landscape.

Using this free portal in partnership with Arctic Wolf, you can:

-    Build an effective IR Plan

-    Uncover potential weaknesses with Threat Scanning of some of the most imminent, claim-causing threats

-    Train up your teams with JumpStart Guides to learn the best cyber protections

We’re here to provide you best-in-class cyber security tools and resources. With Cyber JumpStart, you can take impactful, yet simple steps to reduce your risk and prepare for the worst-case scenario.

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