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David Stennes

David Stennes

Senior Vice President

Life Insurance

David Stennes joined Christensen Group in 2020. David has 25 years experience in insurance, estate, long-term care, and retirement planning. He is a tech startup founder, and a farmer/educator with expertise in regenerative agriculture, carbon capture, and soil health restoration to reverse climate change.

David has specific focus and planning expertise in the following areas:

  • Agribusiness and Regenerative Agriculture
  • Internet/Tech driven and Tech Enabled Companies (Early Stage Web and Mobile Startups)
  • Family Office, Private Equity, and Venture Capital funded businesses
  • Retirement Plan and 401k Services and Support
  • Employee Benefits
  • Commercial, Manufacturing, and Retail business insurance
  • Long Term Care and Estate Planning insurance
  • Corporate and Personal Life Insurance
  • Marine and Classic Boat Insurance