WorkPlace Safety

Workplace safety risks are everywhere. Mitigate risk to protect your company.

Establishing a safety program can drastically improve your loss performance. Not only will your team be healthier and happier, Christensen Group can help you bring down your insurance premiums as well. Demonstrating a commitment to safety has many positive side-effects. Here’s how to get started.



Establish a Safety Mission Statement

A crucial step towards building a successful safety program is to first step back and develop a clear vision of what you want to achieve long-term. Determining this should involve open dialogue and a creative process. You should establish a vision that uniquely fits within your company culture. What is important and why? Ideally the entire company will be aware of, and be working towards, this vision. However, first the effort needs to be spearheaded and defined by the leadership of a company.


Develop a Written Safety Program

Forming a clear roadmap of how you expect your company to address safety issues is an important next step towards implementing a viable safety program. Gather key stakeholders together and design a program that leans into your company’s strengths as well as address any identified weaknesses. Your safety program should take advantage of any natural opportunities and have a plan for all identified exposures. Organize your program into key actionable takeaways, assign responsibilities, and then hold the stakeholders accountable in executing on the mission.


Conduct Employee Training

All employees should be familiar with their individual responsibility for safety. Implement a process for ensuring that everyone has completed required safety training. Develop a system for documenting training that is completed and reminding when additional training is required. Incorporate a disciplinary policy into the program that holds employees accountable for breaking rules and/or rewards them for correctly following safety procedures. Success in achieving safety goals can also be one measure that is used during performance reviews.


Continuous Communication

Awareness can have the biggest impact on the overall success of your safety program. When safety is a regular topic of conversation your team will be more likely to notice and remedy potential issues before they become a problem. Employees should be alert to the potential hazards that they may come across. They should also have knowledge of avoidance techniques and/or personal protective equipment that is available. An outstanding safety program can still fall flat without a concerted effort to communicate it and a proactive approach to maintaining it.


Make Safety a Priority

Senior management needs to be visible in the safety program and must enthusiastically support its improvement. Setting the right tone from the top will have a cascading impact throughout your entire company. Your safety program should be a collaborative effort with people throughout the entire company having a stake is its success. However, absent senior management buy-in, the message can be lost.


Handling Accidents That Do Occur

Unfortunately, accidents that result in bodily injury or property damage cannot be avoided entirely. When an accident does occur, it is important for management to know exactly what needs to be done to handle the situation. Timely reporting of claims can have a significant effect on the overall cost of the loss. Setting the expectation early that you intend to resolve a loss in good faith can put an injured party at ease and increase cooperation throughout the claims process. Christensen Group’s Risk Management team will partner with your management team to make sure that they have everything needed to be prepared for a claim situation.


Return to Work Options

Identify and evaluate work that could potentially be completed in a light duty capacity. If a worker sustains an injury that requires an extended period of treatment, their doctor may place them on some type of work restriction. These restrictions usually limit the injured worker’s mobility and ability to complete certain tasks (such as not standing for extended periods of time, or not lifting objects above a certain weight). If there are tasks that could be completed on a light duty basis, puta plan in place in case the need should arise. Keeping an injured worker engaged with the company can have a positive impact on the resolution of a claim. Strive to partner with your injured worker, their medical provider, and the insurance carrier to make sure the claim is handled appropriately.


Evaluate Performance

Determine a cadence for regular claims reviews with key people from your safety committee. Ideally, after the results are reviewed and understood, conduct a high-level safety meeting with your entire team to discuss trends and talk about things that can be done to improve results. Christensen Group’s Risk Management team can assist with this process by putting together loss analyses, attending safety meetings to provide feedback, and helping implement new training or programs.


Proper safety is always going to be somewhat of a moving target. Newly identified areas of risk may emerge, your operations may change, or your prior performance may reveal areas for improvement. Even if you are meeting all your goals from when you started your safety program, it is still a good idea to take another look periodically. A continuously improving safety program can also help keep it fresh for your employees. Conscious awareness is one of the most important aspects to worker safety. A set it and forget it approach can quickly fade away.


Partner with Christensen Group

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