Risk Analytics

Analyze the past to improve the future.

You know that your company faces risk every day. And you maybe all too familiar with the fallout that a loss can have on your business. So staying on top of these risks can make a big difference. Christensen Group can help by analyzing past performance to improve future results. We use sophisticated tools to design and deliver custom reports for our clients. Here’s our process.



Identify the Risk

The first thing to do is to determine the various risks that your business faces. The Christensen Group Risk Management Team will assist with this process. It will consist of reviewing your prior loss histories and insurance coverages, as well as getting to know you and your business. There is no “one size fits all” approach to managing risk, so we will work with you to better understand your unique needs.


Develop the Parameters for Analysis

Once the risks have been identified, we will work with you to determine the most effective way to track and monitor your results. This will also include partnering with the insurance carriers to make sure they are capturing the necessary information for future analysis. This is part of an ongoing process that we will continually refine and analyze.


Determine Cadence for Reviews

At Christensen Group we pride ourselves on our flexibility to deliver on each individual client’s needs. This means we can provide reports and updates at regular intervals as determined by you. We can also provide updates at your request. Establishing a regular process for reviewing results will hold internal stakeholders accountable. It can also help keep you in better control of your results. Knowledge is powerful.


Compile Custom Loss Reports

Christensen Group will give your company an edge in managing your risks. Our team will develop and deliver completely customized reports for your use as needed. These reports can drill-down into the details or group-up into concise overviews. We will bring fresh ideas to the table but will also incorporate your feedback when creating custom reports for your business.


Present Results to Internal Stakeholders

Communicating loss history to internal stakeholders can be very effective in driving loss results. Generating awareness around what contributes to your exposures is the first step in determining what can be done to improve future results. Like all areas of Risk Management, it needs to be a continuous process, and holding regular meetings is a great way to maintain awareness.


Identify Potential Areas for Improvement

Once your results are better understood, it will be easier to identify where some mistakes may have been made, or to identify ways to do something better in the future. Our Risk Management Team will partner with your business to provide feedback as well. As Risk Management experts, we will be able to share best practices and potential solutions that have a proven track record with other clients.


Implement New Policies & Procedures

It can be daunting to implement a new policy or procedure from scratch. At  Christensen Group, we have experience and resources that you can leverage to make the implementation of a new policy or procedure a success. We will work with your team to develop strategies that fit with your organization’s culture.


Monitor & Review Ongoing Results

With the risks to your business better understood and your loss history under control, you can now put this loss analytic process into cruise control. We can establish specific monitoring tools to track results as they are happening. This continuous risk management process will improve the efficiency of your work. The regularly scheduled safety meetings will become a refresher, not just a damage report.


Recompile & Present Custom Reports

You can now count on Christensen Group to provide you with custom tailored reports on a regular basis, and incorporate any insights that we have learned throughout the Loss Analysis Process. We will work together to make sure that you are getting the most out of your insurance program.


Stewardship Meetings with the CG Team

On a longer-term basis, you can expect to meet with our team to evaluate the work that we have done together and identify any potential opportunities. As experts constantly dealing with risk and losses, we are always innovating new and different ways to improve our clients' results.

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