Claims Management

Take control of your losses. Design & implement a claims process.

A proactive approach to managing claims can have a significant impact on overall results. Partner with Christensen Group to take control of your losses. The first step is to design and implement a claims process. Here are important issues to consider.



What To Do in the Event of a Loss

Unfortunately, the risk of loss can be unavoidable when running a business. Accidents will happen. Insurance can help. Stay calm. When a loss occurs, you can count on the Christensen Group to be your advocate and review for potential coverages to address the issues. We can assist you throughout the entire claims process.


How to Start a Claim

The Christensen Group will provide you with the specific information needed to start a claim when we place your coverages. We will also help ensure that the claim is established appropriately by the carrier once reported. We have the experience needed to identify aspects that may be problematic with a claim and will proactively address any issues. We can be your advocate from the very start of a potentially complicated claim.


Claim Investigation

Every claim needs to be investigated. Insurance carriers are expected to begin this process immediately. We can help ensure that this is the experience that you have when a claim does arise. Our team of experienced risk managers can also answer your questions and concerns throughout this process. We can clarify steps that need to be taken by all parties that are involved.


Confirming Coverages

After the initial investigation, the insurance carrier is expected to complete a timely review of how your coverages may apply. The Christensen Group can also conduct a full review of all the coverages that you have purchased. Our experienced team can seek clarification and advocate on your behalf if the carrier raises any potential issues.


Claim Valuation and Reserving

After the initial details are sorted out the next step is to determine the overall value of the loss in question. The ultimate valuation can be impacted by many different factors depending on the coverages that are applicable, the facts of the loss, the legal agreements in place, and the potential parties to the loss. This process can require extensive documentation and complicated calculations. All factors need to be considered. You can count on the Christensen Group to listen to your needs and communicate them to the insurance adjuster.


Monitoring Claim Progress

Certain types of claims can remain open for a long time. This can depend on various factors. All parties to a loss want to be sure that all issues are completely addressed prior to finalizing and closing the matter. In these cases, it is important to continuously track the claim as it develops. Our team can flag important claims to help ensure that your business is kept in the loop with pertinent developments.


Settlement and Resolution

The final step of the claim is the settlement and resolution process. This occurs once the claim has been fully investigated and documented, all pertinent contracts have been reviewed, the policy coverages and limits have been verified, the injured parties have completed treatment or fully repaired and/or replaced the items that were damaged as a result of the loss. Your business can expect to leverage the experience of your advisors at the Christensen Group before making any final decisions.


Coverage Expansions

After the claim is concluded we can reconnect with you to determine if there are any areas for improvement with the claims process and/or the coverages that you have in place. We can research additional coverages that may be available and obtain quotes where there is interest. We can also follow-up with the insurance carrier’s claims department and address any issues that may have arisen during the claim process. We will be your advocate throughout the life of our relationship, so each subsequent claim will be considered.


Vendor Management

In cases where a serious or more systemic issue arises, it may be necessary to engage with a third-party vendor to remedy the situation. We have connections with many different companies that can address various needs. We can provide insight and experience around which company to choose or which solution to pursue. We strive to partner with our clients through every step of the risk management process. Insurance is just the beginning at the Christensen Group.


Claims Reviews

Regularly scheduled claims reviews can be an important risk control tool. We can help coordinate the process and lend expertise during each review. We can also put together more comprehensive updates of your loss history and present them to your team directly. Conducting regular risk reviews will ensure that your business understands its results and takes steps to avoid future losses.

Christensen Group is here to answer all of your insurance questions.