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2024 Employee Benefits Open Enrollment

An overview of the wide array of benefits provided by Christensen Group to help you enjoy increased wellbeing and financial security.

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This page contains important information about your 2024 Employee Benefits offering, including enrollment links, resources, videos and contact information. Your benefits play an important role in your overall well-being — please don't hesitate to get all of your questions answered before making your elections.

Please watch the video from Charlie explaining the 2024 Benefit changes.
Your Enrollment Period
November 13, 2023 – November 17, 2023
This is the window of time when you are able to choose your benefits for the upcoming year.
You must complete your selections during this time.
How to enroll

All benefits elections are done through Paylocity, our benefits administration tool.
Visit to view and submit your elections for the current enrollment period.

Don't remember how to access the OE Portal? Read this knowledge center article for directions.

Questions? Please join us for a Q&A Session (optional) on Tuesday, November 14th from 10:30-11:30am. Click here to join Teams Meeting.

Plan resources
Benefits Summary and Eligibility
What are employee benefits?

In short, employee benefits go beyond monetary compensation and serve as a crucial component of Christensen Group's total compensation package.

More specifically, employee benefits are a set of non-wage compensation offerings provided by employers to their employees in addition to their regular salaries or wages. These benefits are designed to enhance the overall well-being and job satisfaction of employees, demonstrating a commitment to their welfare beyond just their paycheck. Employee benefits encompass a wide range of offerings, including health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off (such as vacation and sick leave), wellness programs, tuition reimbursement, and more.

Employee benefits are crucial to you because they provide financial security through health insurance and retirement plans, improve the quality of life with paid time off and wellness programs, and offer a competitive advantage in the job market. Taking these benefits seriously ensures peace of mind in the face of unexpected life events and disabilities and positions individuals for job security, career advancement, and overall well-being.

Who is eligible for benefits?
Medical Benefits
New or updated

Medical benefits, often referred to as health benefits, provide coverage and financial support for various healthcare needs. These benefits typically include health insurance, covering a range of medical services and treatments, from doctor's visits and hospital stays to prescription medications and preventive care. Medical benefits are essential for you and your family, offering protection against unexpected medical expenses, promoting regular check-ups, and ensuring access to necessary healthcare, which is crucial for your physical and mental health.

Moreover, medical benefits often provide you with options for wellness programs and resources aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles and preventive care. These programs can include fitness memberships, mental health services, smoking cessation support, and nutrition guidance. Overall, medical benefits are a valuable and integral part of your compensation package, contributing to your well-being, financial stability, and peace of mind, while also fostering a healthier, more productive workforce.

There is a New Network in 2024: America's PPO/Aetna, through Health EZ.

Check out the Christensen Group Health EZ portal to learn more about the new network and additional benefits.

Frequent Questions
What is "In network" vs "out of network"?
What is a deductible?
What is "embedded" vs "non-embedded"?
What is "Out of Pocket Maximum (OOPM)"?
Health Saving Account

Health Savings Account, is a tax-advantaged savings account that is designed to help individuals and families save money for qualified medical expenses. HSAs are available to individuals who are enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), which is a type of health insurance plan with lower premiums and higher deductibles compared to traditional health insurance plans.

Christensen Group offers two HPHPs (Plan Option 1: $3,200-80% HSA or Plan Option 2: $5,250-80% HSA). If you enroll in either of those plans, you have an option to save tax-free dollars for healthcare expenses in an HSA account.

Frequent Questions
Who can use my HSA dollars?
Flexible Spending Account

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a tax-advantaged financial account that allows individuals to set aside pre-tax dollars from their paycheck to pay for eligible out-of-pocket medical and dependent care expenses.

Employees are eligible for a Full Medical FSA if they are enrolled in a non-High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). You would have this option if you are enrolled in Plan Option 3: $3,200-$40 Co-pay.

Employees enrolled in a HDHP, are eligible to enroll in a Limited FSA and/or a HSA account.

Dependent Care Account (DCA)

A Dependent Care FSA account is a tax-advantaged financial account that allows employees to set aside pre-tax dollars from their paychecks to cover eligible dependent care expenses. They are specifically designed to help employees offset the cost of caring for their dependent children or adult dependents while they are at work or attending school.

Wellness Account
New or updated

Wellness Account. Christensen Group supports wellness initiatives and we encourage our employees to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. To support our employees in their efforts to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle, Christensen Group will be offering reimbursement up to a limit which is outlined below, each fiscal year in taxable and non-taxable income for certain eligible fitness expenses. The total wellness benefit available per fiscal year for benefit eligible employees* is as follows:

0-1 Years (Hired after June 30, 2023) - $500

1 Year and Over (Hired before June 30, 2023) - $750

Dental Benefits
New or updated

Dental benefits are designed to support and promote oral health. These benefits encompass dental insurance coverage, which helps you offset the costs of dental care, including routine check-ups, cleanings, X-rays, fillings, extractions, and more complex dental procedures. Dental benefits aim to make essential dental services more accessible and affordable, encouraging you and your family to maintain good oral health.

Dental benefits contribute to an individual's overall well-being by promoting regular dental check-ups, addressing dental issues promptly, and preventing oral health problems. By providing financial support for dental care, these benefits not only contribute to your physical health but also help you maintain a confident and healthy smile, which can positively impact your self-esteem and overall quality of life.

Vision Benefits

Vision Benefits  help you manage the costs associated with lenses, eyeglasses, and contact lenses. Vision insurance plans generally provide coverage for prescription lenses, and discounts on eyewear and contact lenses.

Note: Annual vision exams are covered under the Medical plan.

Life Insurance & Disability Benefits

Life insurance provides a payout, typically called a death benefit, to a designated beneficiary upon the death of the policyholder. This insurance offers you a way to protect loved ones financially in the event of your passing. The death benefit can be used to cover various expenses, such as funeral costs, outstanding debts, mortgage payments, and income replacement, ensuring that your family is financially secure during a difficult time.

Life insurance is essential for individuals who want to safeguard their family's financial future and provide a safety net in case of an untimely death. It can offer peace of mind, knowing that loved ones will have the financial support they need to maintain their quality of life and meet ongoing financial obligations. Life insurance policies can also be used for estate planning, charitable giving, and other financial purposes, making them a versatile tool if you're seeking to protect your financial legacy and ensure that your loved ones are well taken care of in your absence.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a type of coverage that helps pet owners manage the costs associated with veterinary care for their pets. Just like health insurance for humans, pet insurance provides financial protection in the event of unexpected illnesses or injuries that require medical attention for your pets.

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401(k) Plans

A 401(k) is a retirement savings plan sponsored by Christensen Group. It lets you save and invest a portion of your paycheck specifically for retirement. You may save either on a pre-tax or post-tax basis (Roth) basis. Generally, you may begin to withdraw your money from the plan after age 59½ without penalty.