Health PLan Options

Health Plan Options

We are excited to be offering three health plan solutions that save money and expand health benefits for all of your members.

Association Health Plan

An Association Health Plan is a solution for group employers that are in the same industry, same state and are dues paying members of the same association. The W2 employees from these group employers band together to form a singular large group health plan that has broader benefits and lower costs.

Affinity Association Plan

An Affinity Association is a more flexible solution that allows group employers from different industries and different states to collaborate and receive individualized group health plans with broader benefits and lower costs, while leveraging the same automated benefit administration platform.

Individual (ICHRA) Plan

An ICHRA individual health plan is a solution for 1099 contractors or employers who have never had group insurance. Each participant can purchase their own individual health plan through the same electronic enrollment platform that will drive the Association Health Plan and the Affinity Association.

Participation Process

Participation in the Health Plan is optional. In order to participate some information needs to be collected about your company and the health plan participants.


Employee & Dependent Information

In order to determine the Health Plan rates we need to collect information about the participants. You will need to have this file completed for Step 2.

Download Census Template

Company Information

After you have prepared the census spreadsheet from Step 1, you're ready to complete the company survey. This should only take a few minutes to complete.

Complete Company Survey

What's Next?

After all interested member organizations have submitted their participant information with the completed company survey, the information will be provided to the insurance carrier for approval and health plan rates. After approval you will be contacted to complete your enrollment.



Gabe Castaneda, Christensen Group Insurance