Risk Management. Claim and Risk Reduction Solutions

At Christensen Group, we believe our purpose is not just to protect you, but to help you reduce expenses that impact your bottom line.

Understanding your business, culture and people is very important to us. With this knowledge, we can assist you in identifying loss potential, implementing risk control strategy and managing the claim process. By helping you create a business environment that actively promotes loss prevention and strong claims management, we can save you money be eliminating or reducing losses.

Our claims advocacy consultants will work with you to develop claim management strategies, assist in the management of your claims, identify claim solutions and coordinate insurance carrier service. Whether it be a workers compensation, automobile, general liability, property or specialty line claim, our goal is to help you achieve superior outcomes, minimize claim costs and positively impact your premiums.

We understand the value of loss prevention and safety. Christensen Group’s risk management team will help you engage the proper resources and experts to effectively address your risk control needs. The measure of our success will be shown through reduced insurance costs, increased operational efficiencies, protection for the public who come in contact with your organization and a safer work environment for your employees.

As your risk management professional, our job does not stop with assessing your program and identifying sources of loss. If and when you sustain a loss, Christensen Group’s Risk Management team will help you through the entire process. We will:

  • Assist you in placing carriers on notice of a loss.
  • Provide guidance and direction to help you mitigate the loss.
  • Regularly review open claims for status and report back to you.
  • Orchestrate claim reviews with you and your carrier.
  • Work with carriers to close claims timely and cost effectively on your behalf.
  • Be your advocate.
Our goal as your risk management consultant, is to identify potential areas of risk in your workplace, and assist you in reducing or eliminating these risks. By identifying exposures, the Christensen Group can work with you to develop policies, procedures and changes in work processes to control your risk of having a loss. This important step can save you money in several ways:

  • Your premium may go down based on the reduced risk and less or no losses.
  • Your out-of-pocket expenses may go down because of reduced downtime and not having to pay deductibles or co-insurance on claims.
  • Your workers compensation costs may go down based on safe workplace practices and the lowering of your Workers Compensation Experience Modifier.
It’s not just about reviewing your current policy. It’s about conducting a thorough Risk Assessment to ensure that we understand all of your exposures. This may include onsite visits, reviewing loss prevention reports, interviews with key personnel, analysis of loss runs, and more.

Once we’ve analyzed all the pertinent information, we will present you with a proposal that recommends specific actions to help you reduce your exposure to risk as well as helping to manage your premiums.